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Tips on How to Build Your Child’s Confidence

Play Therapy

Tips on How to Build Your Child’s Confidence

These are some ideas on how to help your children build confidence and self-esteem: Make them feel good and valued: 1. Provide them with opportunities to feel good and happy, surrounded by people with whom they feel safe and happy. 2. Tell them you always love them (even when you don´t like what they do). 3. Show interest in the...[ read more ]

Helping Children Cope with Short Separations from Their Parent

Are you going to be traveling without your children for a few weeks? Or is your spouse/partner the one traveling? These relatively short trips are usually pretty manageable, but they can still be stressful on your family. Here, we talk about some fun and play-based ways to make short separations more enjoyable. Someone in the Military, family separations are expected....[ read more ]

Preparing Your Child For Therapy

After the intake session is a great time to start talking up all the perks of going to Play Therapy to your child. "I just met Mr. Rodney, and he's got a cool job. He's a Play Therapist! He plays with kids and talks to kids to help them feel better! I'm so jealous you get to go see his...[ read more ]

Why Play Therapy?

"Can't I just play with my own child?" Sure, you could… and you should! Your therapist will recommend it! Although it has the word "play" in its name, and children typically love going, it is often hard work for the child. When placed in the right therapeutic environment, with a good therapist relationship, a child will gravitate towards acting and...[ read more ]

Child’s Play: How Play Therapy Works

Kids can’t always put their feelings into words. By Tomás Casado-Frankel, LMFT I am frequently confronted with parents’ concerns regarding the effectiveness of play therapy as a form of treatment. They say, “But it’s just play!” Play therapy is not just play. The treatment might be fun for the young patient—yes—but there is a lot that’s being expressed and understood. Play therapy is meaningful!...[ read more ]